Personal Information

Name: Linda Moes Hansen
Nationality: Danish
Born: 16 Feb 1978

Civil status: Unmarried
Children: No children
Current location: Copenhagen

Curriculum Vitae
Learning goals

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Curriculum Vitae

Educational background


Studies Multi Media Design and communication at  KTS

20 week course

Webintegrator basic course at KTS
Gained deeper knowledge in using programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash for producing websites  also using HTML, CSS, PHP and Java script coding.

6 week course

Digital editing course at KTS
Learned to use Final Cut pro.
Shot and edited my own movie.

13 week course

Digital Photography course at KTS
Worked with digital photography in the field and the studio, working on my skills in setting up light.

13 week course

Digital Photography course at KTS
Worked with digital photography in the field and the studio, working on my Photoshop skills.

10 week course

Analogue Photography course at KTS
Worked on shooting techniques, developed my own film and copied pictures in the darkroom

8 months studies

Worked on my personal photographic projects, at OTS
Gained great knowledge in photo editing with Photoshop
Learned basic web-design using GoLive, made a web-site.

15 week course

Visual communication and Technology foundation course at OTS
Got familiar with working with the Adobe programs and using a computer

2 yeas studies

Graduated as a HF student from Odense Katedral Skole.

Vocational Experience


During my time in Mexico is have been selling by pictures as artwork and freelanced as a photographer and done a few web-sites for small business.


Worked as a personalhelper for a disabled guy


Worked in a small internet café in Mexico


Have given private classes in Photoshop and the basic use of PC computers for beginners.


Did wedding photography the summer of 2008


Apart from my artistic career I have also had to support my self in other ways.

  • I worked with a disabled guy and went to New Zealand and South America as a personal helper for him
  • I cleaned houses in Mexico
  • I cooked in a restaurant
  • I thought English in Quito, Ecuador
  • I sold ice cream and made waffle cones in Sidney, Australia
  • I worked at a hospital
  • I sold newspapers over the phone

IT Skills

I have a great deal of experience in working with following programs from the Adobe CS3 suite:
Photoshop, Flash, Dream weaver, InDesign, GoLive

I have basic knowledge and experience in coding with:
HTML strict 4.01 and CSS, javascript and PHP the last two on a very basic level.

I have done video editing with:
FinalCut pro

I have little experience in using:
Illustrator, Microsoft Office word, Navision and powerpoint

I can use the Microsoft PC platform as well as Mac computers.


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